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127 cm ( 50 inch )


85 cm ( 33,46 inch )


37,5 cm ( 14,76 inch )

Material top

Wood – Veneer

Material base

Powder coated steel


Designed by Says Who


Comb series

Inspired by the natural shape of a honeycomb, this table has the same strength and lightness as a beehive. The coloured steel frame allows you to store whatever you like inside, and the removable table top is big enough to host a cosy tea party – with or without the honey.

With lots of storage space

Display of your pillows and blankets

Available in 2 sizes



We are Nikolaj and Kasper. We are Says Who Design. We like to tell stories through our products. Stories that add character and relevance to the user experience. We love simple, clever yet masculine design. Rawness expressed through refined details. We always strive to add personality to the product. An edge or feature that defines its use, style or statement. Good design is useful, characteristic and tells a story. It leaves a lasting impression that enriches our lives in ways we never thought of before. When design is at its best, it enriches our everyday lives and experiences.

5 years

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