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Čas doručenia : 4-7 weeks
Rozmer Materiál Krajina pôvodu Ďalšie informácie Záruka


89,8 cm ( 35,35 inch )


44,6 cm ( 17,55 inch )


160 cm ( 62,99 inch )

Maximum load

60 kg


Wild oak has a natural appearance with knots and color differences which is a part of the original wood structure

Wood – Solid wild oak

Manufactured in Europe

Designed by OOOJA


Clinkers series

Sprung from classic cabinet making traditions, Clinkers lends a contemporary edge to time honoured traditions. Clinkers is where design and quality go hand in hand for a perfectly thought through piece.



Our ideas for furniture design come from a big “box” hidden away in the back of our minds. A box full of fragments of design, shapes, materials, feelings and functions. All the things furniture design is made of. Ideas from dreams, pictures that we have seen or something that people have said or told. We store all these inspirations, mix them up and put them on paper. Some end up as new designs, others are thrown back in the box for later use.

5 years

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